SHE SAID YES!!! Pic: Brent Butler

WATCH! I proposed to the Love of my Life at Newlands

SO there I was, down on one knee in the presence of what seemed, felt and sounded like 50000 people at the Heart Cape Town Music Festival at the beautiful Newlands Cricket Ground. In front of me was the girl of my dreams and I was about to pop the big question.

I was nervous, yet very confident and wanted the moment to be special and memorable for both of us. I had been colluding and scheming behind the scenes with my friend Brent Butler, his wife Jo-Dee (who is the part of the #Drive326 team at Heart FM) and other role players which included Heart station manager, Denver Apollus.

The plan was that I was going to make up a story and get her to come with me to the front area where the “Kiss Cam” would then show us on the big screen and that would be the moment I was supposed to make my move. I was told by Denver that the “Kiss Cam” would happen just after Kurt Darren’s set so I went to fetch Whitney under the scoreboard, spun her a story and off we went to the area just in front of the booth where the sound and lighting engineers were stationed.

Kurt took his time and after what seemed like an eternity, he finished with his most popular song, “Kaptein”. Clarence Ford came onto the stage and announced that it was time for another round of “Kiss Cam”. My hands started sweating profusely as Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” began playing on the public address system. They showed two or three couples before I saw Whitney on the screen. I turned her way, took my cap and sunglasses off and went down on my left knee. Newlands erupted!

Watch how it all unfolded below…

14 thoughts on “WATCH! I proposed to the Love of my Life at Newlands”

  1. Wow fieka dis supercool ou bra
    Ek en carmen kani uitgepraat raak oor dit nie
    Geniet mekaar
    die doring van wellington het gesteek

  2. What a memorable Day!!
    Congratulations to you and you’re official fiancé:)
    Im grateful to have been part of the journey! Even just by my simple role of being you’re sales person, perfect choice and ring size!! Im glad everything played out as perfect as planned as you were overwhelmed when making the purchase. Awesome meeting you!!! A customer journey to remember!! Keep well :)…

    1. Hi Sahaida,
      Thank you so much again for your service and assistance. I’m very appreciative of that. As you can see everything worked out perfectly well! 🙂
      Keep well
      Many thanks and kind regards,
      Shafiek Mouton

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